Biography - Mike Phipps

Biography – Mike Phipps

In 1998 I left the corporate world to become a self employed consultant specialising in leadership and management development.

I had always been fascinated by organisational politics and how the informal networks and inner circles are where the real action is, so in 1999 when the CIPD London branch were asking around for someone to do some research and present it at conference, I put my hand up.

So it was that way back in 2000 I presented the first slab of data and ideas about personal power and politics to a small but enthusiastic crowd. Politics at Work™ had begun, albeit on a very small scale.

And this one off speaking engagement rapidly became regular networking appearances which led to more data and story gathering as well as opportunities to be published in various trade magazines including a spectacular double issue (and front cover) for Training Journal.

By 2005 I co founded Politics at Work™ with an enthusiastic client; Colin Gautrey. Colin was managing an impressive talent development programme with Zurich Insurance at the time and he had heard about my work.

Colin told me that he had a bunch of talented folks who just did not get the politics and he wanted something that would challenge their perceptions and make them more influential. This 2 day workshop is still a flagship event on the Zurich talent programme some 6 years on.

Colin left Zurich Insurance shortly afterwards and Politics at Work™ officially founded in 2005. It was a roller coaster ride. It led to us working nationally and internationally with some of the sharpest brains and most demanding learners in the world. The Politics at Work™ client list is something we are quietly proud of. This success also gave us a platform from which we published 2 books and wrote many articles.

Today, Politics at Work™ remains a unique influencing skills consultancy. What sets it apart is an ability to put influencing skills and strategies into context. I focus on the corporate culture that the learners find themselves in and from there help them navigate the political complexities of their real world.

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